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Cash Loans

We buy
gold, silver &
precious metals

At Diamonds on Broadbeach we see value in your pre-loved and unwanted jewellery. Bring in any of your unwanted Gold and be surprised how much value you have laying around.

Precious Metals Spot Prices by

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The spot prices shown above are to be used as a reference only.

What we buy

Gold jewellery
Broken jewellery
Gold coins
Gold bullion
Silver jewellery
Precious metals

Get started

Selling process
  • You must be 18 years or over to sell to us.
  • Remember your I.D for immediate approval.
  • When possible, include previous valuations and/or receipts.
  • Items will be tested in front of you.
Get an evaluation

Drivers licence or similar front and back. Utility bill with current address.

  1. All loans are 3 months unless a longer agreed period. If the item(s) pledged are not redeemed or Interest paid within the 3 months, the pledges will be disposed of as per the Pawnbrokers Act & Regulations, without prior notice to you.
  2. Redemption or interest may be paid by either cash or money order.
  3. This ticket must be produced when redeeming goods or paying interest. If you loose your ticket please notify us immediately.
  4. While all care is taken Diamonds on Broadbeach is not responsible for loss burglary, theft, fire or Damage of any description.
  5. The goods listed above are owned only by me and free of debt and encumbrance.
  6. Money is not lent on rental goods.
  7. I am aware it is an offence to pawn stolen goods.


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