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Diamonds on Broadbeach came about with our director, Alan following in his fathers’ footsteps of dealing in second hand jewellery. Alan, as a child, would spend his afternoons, after school weighing the gold people wanted to sell on the streets of Melbourne in his bare hands. This amazing skill he still has today. His love of jewellery and watches showed in his talent for watchmaking and in jewellery repairs and manufacturing. He had his own businesses during the 1960’s-70’s in Northcote/Preston area and then in the city centre where he bought, sold and loaned on jewellery and watches. After moving his family to the warmer climate of the Gold Coast in the 1980’s Alan settled into shops in the Centre Arcade and then the Dolphin Arcade Surfers Paradise where he continued his business that he was so successful at.

 During this period, Stephen, Alan’s partner, was also successfully running multiple businesses, auction houses, jewellery stores and antique stores throughout the Gold Coast. Workshops were onsite with master jewellers to handle remakes, remodelling and manufacturing. Stephen has over 30 years experience in the jewellery industry and loves nothing better than to create beautiful new pieces. He is usually found travelling overseas, sourcing diamonds and precious stones for his next creation. He successfully runs an online auction company servicing  Australia, Europe and the United States. Stephens’ favourite line when speaking of his passion for the jewellery industry is “I’m not good at what I do, I’m the best”

It was in the late 1990’s Alan and Stephen found a perfect shop located in Broadbeach, already existing as a second hand business, and decided to join in a partnership. The business was fabulous but lacked beautiful watches and jewellery pieces. They took over the business and changed the way it looked forever. Diamonds on Broadbeach was born. In the past 20 years of Diamonds on Broadbeach, Alan and Stephen have watched Broadbeach and the Gold Coast grow into the classic city it is today. With clients flying in from Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand and further afield it is their challenge, which they relish, to stay ahead of all their jewellery needs and wants. Whether it be restoring a beloved antique, designing a new heirloom piece for you to pass down to your loved ones or purchasing your latest timepiece, Alan, Stephen and The Diamonds on Broadbeach staff are here for you.